Donatella Calabi

Job Title: prof. of Urban History Institutional affiliation: University IUAV of Venice

has been chair-professor of “Urban History” at the University IUAV of Venice until 2014. She worked on the European City of the early modern times and on Planning History in the XIX and XX centuries. As director of a Scientific Committee for the V Centenary of the Ghetto of Venice she was the curator of an Exhibition at the Ducal Palace (June-November 2016). Koos Bosma Prize, International Planning Society, Delft 2016; Member of the board of the European Association of Urban Historians (1996-2010); Member of the board of directors of “Planning Perspectives” (1990-2019); Member of the board of Directors of AISU; President of the Association Progetto Rialto; Vice-President of the Foundation Querini Stampalia.


Calabi, D. Historia do Urbanismo Europeo. Sao Paulo: Perspectiva; Arquitectura e Urbanismo edition, 2012-2021.

Calabi, D. Le ghetto de Venise. 500 ans. Paris: Sodis, 2016.

Calabi, D. Rialto. L’isola del mercato a Venezia. Una passeggiata tra arte e storia. Verona: Cierre Edizioni, 2019.

Calabi, D. The market and the city. Square, street and architetcture in early Europe. Vol. Historical and Urban Studies. London: Routledge, 2004.

Calabi, D., and M. Massaro. La città giardino di Marghera. forthcoming.

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