Tiansheng Li

Job Title: Lecturer (since 2012) Institutional affiliation: Guangxi Arts University, China - GXAU

PhD candidate in Architectural Heritage Management and Tourism, Silpakorn University, Thailand; Research direction: water heritage, aboriginal culture and architectural heritage in S China (since 2020). Lecturer in Cross-cultural Communication in Guangxi Arts University (GXAU), China (since 2014). Head of the China-US Educational Cooperation Program, GXAU (since 2014). Program study in International Educational Development in Peking University, China (2019). Visiting scholar in Western Oregon University, US (2018). Program study in Cross-cultural Communication in Zhejiang University, China (2017). Secretary and international coordinator in Office of Social Science Research of Guangxi Normal University (GXNU), China (2012 - 2014). Lecturer in English literature in GXNU (2010 - 2012). MA in Education in GXNU (2007 - 2010).


Li Tiansheng, Internationalization of Comprehensive Arts Universities in China: Issues and Strategies, Symposium proceeding of The RIHED SEA-HiEd Inter-Regional Research Symposium (14-15 November, 2019), Bangkok, Thailand.

Li Tiansheng, K Zhao, Research on the Construction of China-ASEAN Art University Alliance, Arts Exploration (Journal of Guangxi Arts University) (6)2018, pp. 83-89 https://xueshu.baidu.com/usercenter/paper/show?paperid=13640jk0v81g0j003r4x0cj0sm758832&site=xueshu_se

LI Tiansheng,K Zhao,C Zhong, Development Strategies of Internationalization of Art Education in Guangxi Colleges and Universities-Take Guangxi Arts University as An Example. Journal of Qinzhou University (12)2018, pp. 50-58 https://xueshu.baidu.com/usercenter/paper/show?paperid=131h0mb0be0j0gm0qt6f0g809y353636&site=xueshu_se

LI Tiansheng, C Zhong, Present Situation of Internationalization of Higher Education in Thailand and Its Enlightenment, Journal of Beibu Gulf University, (11)2019, pp. 32-37 https://t.cnki.net/kcms/detail?v=3uoqIhG8C46NmWw7YpEsKMypi3qVj28LGACqMpRVR0Cx7F0z4nrArH1a0FlzaLD6NUVKDDmk1TQArS1BZAXdMecvstuXWdUM&uniplatform=NZKPT

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