SHU Yang

Job Title: Associate Professor Institutional affiliation: School of Urban Design, Wuhan University

Shu Yang,architect-urbanist, doctor in architecture from University Paris-Est in 2011, is currently associate professor at the School of Urban Design in Wuhan University in China. She has been a co-instructor of “Urban Design Studio” (from 2012) in bachelor program and the organizer of “Urban Design Seminar” (from 2014) in master program. From her doctoral study, she has conducted her research on urban waterfront in the field of morphology and urban design. She has introduced systematically the environmental element of water, into all levels of urban analysis. From a perspective of dynamic interaction city-water, and combined with interdisciplinary analysis methods, she has conducted a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of urban waterfront, especially in Wuhan, a fast-changing city in developing country. The characteristics of its spatial structure and its evolution process provide an important reference for the urban space making of waterfront in the context of sustainable development.


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