About Gender and (Storage) Spaces: towards a Deconstruction of Domestic Realm / De género y espacios (contenedores): hacia una deconstrucción de lo doméstico

Serafina Amoroso


After analyzing the dialectic between (urban and architectural) space and (the asymmetric distribution of gendered roles within the) family, the article focuses, first of all, on the urban and architectural repercussions of the evolution of new cohabitation structures in contemporary society and, secondly, on the (r)evolution of the relationship between architecture and furniture/equipment, with a specific focus on storage spaces, which become a pretext to reflect on contemporary domestic practices, and to wonder whether, facing the future, the feminist materialist approach that prioritized a restructuring of time and the visibility of domestic work and everyday life can be resumed to provide us with new interpretive keys and guide us towards new housing paradigms, bringing advantages for all society.

Amoroso, S. “De género y espacios (contenedores): hacia una deconstrucción de lo doméstico.” Asparkía 31 (2017): 113-130.  https://www.e-revistes.uji.es/index.php/asparkia/article/view/2709

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