Tourism and heritage in the enhancement of Tianjin

Christine Mengin, Bruno Chauffert-yvart, Françoise Ged, Lu Yue, Émilie Rousseau


The article examines what is being promoted about Tianjin’s rich heritage through its tourism and heritage practices. An industrial city traditionally known for its crafts and gastronomy, Tianjin has gradually begun to promote its Chinese heritage and, since the 2000s, its city centre, which is noteworthy for its former foreign concessions and 19th- and 20th-century architectural heritage. After long neglect, the city centre has become a major component in the promotion of the city. Based on the analysis of tourism materials and studies conducted since the mid-2000s, this article first discusses the development of tourism in Tianjin and the chronology and interweaving of the services involved in heritage development. Then, it focuses on the reception of the city’s tourism offerings and on urban development operations in two sectors, Wudadao (or ‘Five avenues’), located in the former British Concession, and the ‘I-Style Town’ in the former Italian Concession.

Mengin C., Chauffert-Yvart B., Ged F., Lu Y., Rousseau É. “Tourism and heritage in the enhancement of Tianjin.” Built Heritage 4, n. 2 (2020).

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