Contextualism, Collage City and Beyond


David Grahame Shane (Columbia University, New York – USA)


Zuzanna Jarzyńska


It seems an appropriate time to revisit Contextualism and Collage City within the framework of GUDesign network, and the new tools of representation available in the contemporary metacity of information.

This initial Contextualism, Collage City and Beyond seminar will investigate Colin Rowe’s mid-twentieth century role in appropriating Sitte’s 1890’s reaction to Von Forster’s 1860 imperial design for the Vienna Ringstrasse. Rowe’s critical appropriation paved the way for later iterations and code shifts that greatly expanded into a more fragmented, inclusive Collage City. It took Rowe several iterations to develop this concept with Fred Koetter and with his Roma Interrotta team.  Hopefully, this and future sessions will explore strength and weaknesses of the mutations of Rowe’s classical impulse as it, in its turn, evolved with urban design into the 21st century.


12 November 2021

Charing: David Grahame Shane (Columbia University, NY – USA)

  • Michael Schwarting (New York Institute of Technology – USA, American Academy in Rome Prizewinner), Rome; Urban Formation and Transformation

  • Esin Komez Daglioglu and Cansu Turk (METU, Ankara – Turkey), Rowe’s Legacy of Figure-Grounds and Plan Games in Texas and Cornell Pedagogy

  • Steven Peterson and Barbara Littenberg (Independent Scholars, Partners in Peterson Littenberg Architects – USA), Collage City from Roma Interrotta to the World Trade Center Competition

  • Blake Middleton (Partner Handel Architects, Independent Scholar – USA, American Academy in Rome Prizewinner), Practicing what we Preache

  • David Grahame Shane (Columbia University, NY – USA), Contemporary Urban Design and Colin Rowe’s intellectual biography 1938-1978

Discussant: Rosemary Wakeman (Fordham University, NY – USA)