Emanuela Margione

Job Title: Ph.D. Candidate Institutional affiliation: Politecnico di Milano

Emanuela Margione graduated at Politecnico di Milano in 2016 with a thesis entitled “Shenzhen. On the Danan hill, equipment for the U.A.B.B. exhibition and for leisure time”. After a first phase of historical analysis and historical interpretation of the context, she tried to understand the results of exponential growth as it happened in Shenzhen city where economic policies have had direct effects on the settlement system.

In 2013, with Alessandra Laura Rossi Renier she won the photo contest, announced by Casabella and Politecnico di Milano, “Ca Brütta 1921.Giovanni Muzio opera prima”.

In November 2017 with a thematic scholarship “Constructing place and community: the complementary relationship between architectural and urban design in towns and villages of the Pontine Marshes”, co-funded by the European research project MODSCAPES and the ABC Department of Politecnico di Milano, she started a PhD career.


Margione, E. “Iconic Architecture: Politiche e Propagande per la gestione del valore culturale nella città fascista.” In La città globale. La condizione urbana come fenomeno pervasivo. Urbano/Rurale: Identificazioni, Contaminazioni, Politiche, Eredità Culturale, edited by P. Lanaro, G. Leoni, R. Tamborrino and S. Tondelli, 136-145. Bologna: AISU International, 2019.

Margione, E. “Heritage Meaning in New Towns of Modern Era: Defining ‘Urban Heritage’ starting from the Case Study of Italian’s New Town.” Heritage & the City conference Proceedings. New York, 2018. 115-124. https://papers.iafor.org/proceedings/conference-proceedings-hcny2018/

Margione, E. “Italians New Towns as an Experimental Territory for the Modern Movement in Italy. The case Study of Oriolo Frezzotti and his architecture for public facilities in Littoria, Sabaudia and Pontinia.” Regionalism, Nationalism & Modern Architecture conference proceedings. Oporto: CEAA Centro Estudio Arnaldo Araújo, 2018. 2020-220. http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/24574

Bonfante, F., N. Lombardini, E. Margione, and L. Monica. “Modernist Schools in the New Rural Landscape of the Pontine Plane”. In Buildings for education. A multidisciplinary overview of the design of school buildings, edited by S. Della Torre, L. Daglio, M. Bocciarelli and R. Neri, 53-62. Springer, 2019. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-33687-5_5

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