Gustavo Giovannoni: A Theory and A Practice of Urban Conservation

Guido Zucconi


In the first half of the XX.the century, Gustavo Giovannoni (1873-1947) has acted as a leading figure first in the Roman, later in the Italian context. His action aimed at linking aspects traditionally tackled in separated form, such as urban conservation and town planning in historic precincts. In his perspective, one side of the two is necessary to the other one, in order to get a dynamic way of preserving ancient city: something in between demolishing and “freezing” which are the two usual options for designing the future of ancient towns. On this purpose, a new figure is demanded: somebody able to be –at the same time- technician and intellectual, designer and expert of preservation. To this titanic profile, Giovannoni gave the name of “architetto integrale”.

Zucconi, G. “Gustavo Giovannoni: A Theory and A Practice of Urban Conservation.” Change Over Time. An International Journal of Conservation and the Built Environment (USA), no. IV(1) (2014): 76-91.

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