The Architect of Greater Venice

Guido Zucconi


In 1933, the engineer Eugenio Miozzi (1889-1979) is appointed responsible of the Venice technical bureau. Being an expert in the design of concrete bridge, he is first commissioned to project the new vehicular bridge connecting Venice to the mainland. It happens six years later the creation of Greater Venice which includes large portion of land facing both the lagoon and the sea. The new bridge is conceived as the backbone of this metropolitan aggregation, or -better said- as the main portion of an integrated transit system. It included different infrastructures and means of transportation in the area between the ancient settlement of Mestre -in the backland- and the new resort centre of Lido facing the seashore -whereas in the middle stands the ancient island of Venice-. Besides the major bridge, the list of works concerns a motorway -in the mainland section-, a new canal in ancient Venice, including also new means such as trolley bus and a new type of water buses.

Zucconi, G. “The Architect of Greater Venice.” In Eugenio Miozzi. Modern Venice between Innovation and Tradition, edited by C. Kusch, 27-43. Berlin: DOM Publisher, 2021.

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