Liveable Public Spaces


Marichela Sepe (CNR - National Research council of Italy, ISMed, Naples - Italy)

Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy (Marichela Sepe 2015)


This node focuses on the topic of public spaces from a specific point of view devoted to identifying characteristics and factors which - both in the past, in the present and in the future – make them liveable. The aim is to comprehend if – with respect to liveability - there are common points between emblematic old and new public spaces and, if not, which are the main differences. In this way, the history could represent the trait d’union between present and future in the identification of best practices in terms of design, use, planning tools and policies.

The research group will generate knowledge by investigating on:

  • The origin of liveability concept and its updates.
  • How liveability has been/could be achieved in public spaces in the past, present and future cities.
  • What are the main characteristics and factors of a liveable public spaces and relative best practices.
  • How the behaviours of people in using public spaces have changed in time, also in relation to the pandemic period.

Accordingly, the Principles of the New Urban Agenda and the UN Sustainable Goals will constitute a fundamental point of reference for the thematic node for a holistic approach.

The research subject is developed on the basis of:

  • online seminars
  • participation in conferences and events on this topic
  • publications