Maria Novas Ferradas

Job Title: Lecturer, TU Delft & PhD Candidate, Universidad de Sevilla. Institutional affiliation: TU Delft (The Netherlands) & Universidad de Sevilla (Spain).

María Novas Ferradas is a Galician doctoral candidate in History of Architecture and Architectural Theory at Universidad de Sevilla in Spain, a lecturer at the Research Group History of Architecture and Urban Planning at the TU Delft, and a senior lecturer teaching at the Master Architecture and Urbanism Tilburg, Academy of Architecture, The Netherlands. She holds a MSc in architecture from the Universidade da Coruña (UDC). In addition, Novas holds post-master’s degrees in Applied Research in Feminist, Gender and Citizenship Studies (UJI) and Urban Regeneration (USC). During her work experience in the architectural field and as part of her academic research trajectory she has been involved in international and situated collaborative projects. Moreover, Novas has experience in teaching architectural history seminars (master history thesis), as well as research and critical thinking courses in architecture at Dutch universities. She has been invited lecturer in Argentina (UBA), Brazil (UFBA), and Spain.


Novas Ferradás, M. “Commemorative Urban Practices and Gender Equality: The Case of Santiago de Compostela City’s Urban Toponymy.” Habitat y Sociedad. 11 (2018): 109-129.

Álvarez Lombardero, N., Novas Ferradás, M. et al. “Congresos Internacionales de Arquitectura y Género: innovando y reconectando.” Hábitat y Sociedad, 11 (2018): 239-247.

Álvarez Lombardero, N., Novas Ferradás, M. et al. (Eds.) MORE: Expanding Architecture from a gender-based perspective. Firenze: DIDA Press, 2020.

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