Città e cinema

Gemma Belli, A. Maglio


The volume deals with the fascinating and complex relationship between cinema and the city, which has originated since the film medium made its debut on the world stage. In fact, from the very beginning, cinema is configured as an agent capable of revealing evident or latent dimensions, in architecture as in the city, or of inventing false ones capable of configuring themselves as equally true, thus completely redefining the relationship between reality and fiction, between physical space and imaginary space.

Of this articulated and complex relationship, the collected essays reconstruct from time to time the character of denunciation; the ability to document urban transformations, to interpret places or to trigger urban regeneration operations; the aptitude to embody a tool of perceptual and socio-cultural investigation, or to express autonomous artistic visions. The volume is edited together with Andrea Maglio.

Belli, G, and A. Maglio, “Città e cinema.” Storia dell’Urbanistica, no. 11 (2019).

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