Progettare la città per le vacanze in Italia tra teoria e pratiche, 1902-1950

Gemma Belli


The study reconstructs the role that - in the years of its establishment as an autonomous knowledge - the Italian urban culture has played in defining guidelines for the project of the holiday city, in a period in which the phenomenon of the holiday, from the exclusive prerogative of wealthy elite, it gradually becomes a mass conquest. The essay is published in a volume, edited by the author (in collaboration with Fabio Mangone e Maria Grazia Tampieri), which develops the contributions of a previous conference she organized, also in collaboration, held in 2009 in Madonna di Campiglio, and promoted by the Province of Trento and the Interdepartmental Center for the Project Archives of the Federico II University of Naples.

Belli, G. “Progettare la città per le vacanze in Italia tra teoria e pratiche, 1902-1950.” In Architettura e paesaggio della villegiatura in Italia tra Otto e Novecento. Edited by G. Belli, F. Mangone and M. G. Tamperi, 15-30. Milano: Franco Angeli Editore, 2015.

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