Das domitianische Vestibül zwischen Palatin und Forum Romanum

Stefan Kubin


The vast ruins of the Domitian Vestibule at the Forum Romanum are the topic of this paper. It provides a short review of my Master Thesis, which is dedicated to the original Domitian building phase, its reception and architectural reconstruction.

The paper focuses on the different and sometimes contradictory interpretations of the building since the large-scale ecavations of the Forum Romanum after the Risorgimento. The uncovering of the imperial level and thus the destruction of all later transformations - represented an insensitive handling of the historically grown urban structures. However, this difficult process made it possible to reconstruct the function of the building.

Kubin, S. “Das domitianische Vestibül zwischen Palatin und Forum Romanum.” In Stadt: Gestalten, Festschrift für Klaus Semsroth, 31–35. 2012. chapter springer.com

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