Der zweite Camillo Sitte

Stefan Kubin


After the unexpected success of his book "Der Städtebau nach seinen künstlerischen Grundsätzen", Camillo Sitte planned a sequel to this work, as Karl Henrici points out in his obituary published in 1904 in the journal "Der Städtebau".

Unfortunately, there is no trace of an almost finished manuscript, as Henrici tells us. Since then, the content of this sequel has been debated, in which Camillo Sitte wanted to demonstrate the practical feasibility of his theses.

A hitherto unpublished collection of materials in the possession of the Institute for Urban Design at the TU Wien provides information about this rumoured second volume.

Kubin, S. “Der zweite Camillo Sitte.” In Christoph Luchsinger – Die Vermessung der Stadt, 52–55. 2019.

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