Wiener in Padua

Stefan Kubin


In September 2002, an exclusive international workshop was held at Café Pedrocchi in Padua under the title "intorno al vuoto", to which architecture students from Bogotá, Seville, Venice and Vienna were invited.

What was announced as a student workshop quickly turned into a fierce competition between the four schools and their different approaches to teaching urban design.

The Viennese group's approach to the predefined questions of the workshop was very different from that of the other groups. For the Viennese team, it was of central importance to interpret the city as a text, to read the city and thus come to an understanding of what tasks the city poses to the planner. The paper describes in very vivid stations the intensive ten days from the point of view of the Viennese group.

Raith, E., and S. Kubin. “Wiener in Padua.” In Stadt: Gestalten, Festschrift für Klaus Semsroth, 118–125. 2012. chapter

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